The iPhone 5S rumor roundup

It’s inevitable…but when will it happen? The rumor roundup for Apple’s next iPhone starts now.

iPhone 5S: Will it look the same as the iPhone 5?

(Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET)

iPhone rumors are like flies at a summer picnic: they’re nearly unstoppable. Collected in one batch are all the iPhone 5S/6 rumors CNET has reported so far, with some commentary on where these rumors came from.

We always have long wish lists for newer features and further redesigns, but the bottom line is this: nobody knows exactly what we’ll get until Tim Cook reveals it on stage later this year.

That said, we’ve got plenty of educated guesses. With that caveat firmly in place:

Odds are strong that the immediate successor to the iPhone 5 will debut in the summer to autumn time frame (June to October). The release will all but certainly coincide with the availability of iOS 7. Moreover, if it follows Apple’s previous history, the new iPhone will have the same design but with tweaked innards, in the spirit of the iPhone 4S and 3GS.

Beyond those obvious notes, the areas that seem most ripe for updating on the « iPhone 5S » would be the resolution of the cameras. And now that there’s a 128GB iPad, maybe there will finally be a 128GB iPhone option, too.


Brussels translation

Brussels translation

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