Ocean 2012: Stop overfishing in Europe – the EU reform

Overfishing occurs when fish and other marine species are caught faster than they can reproduce. It is the result of growing demand for seafood around the world, combined with poor management of fisheries and the development of new, more effective fishing techniques. If left unchecked, it will destroy the marine ecosystem and jeopardise the food security of more than a billion people for whom fish are a primary source of protein.

Ocean 2012 Stop overfishing in Europe European Parliament Brussels

Over three quarters of our planet are covered by the oceans. Their biodiversity is unmatched and they contain over 80 percent of all life on earth, mostly unexplored. Millions of people worldwide are depending on the oceans for their daily livelihoods. More and more all this is endangered because of ignorance and a global lack of management.
Overfishing.org is an independent source of information on the most dangerous threat our oceans are facing today.

Why is overfishing a problem?


The threat of overfishing over oceans and biodiverity


Ocean 2012 Overfishing European Parliament Brussels

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EU policies about fishing


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