The e-Jobs Observatory

e-Jobs, e-Skills and e-Competencies

e-Jobs Observatory for e-jobs, e-skills and e-competencies - JL GestionJL Gestion has just been labeled by the e-Jobs Obseratory for its excellence in e-jobs, e-skills and e-competencies. Congrats to us!!

The e-Jobs Observatory is a European stakeholder network actively and continuously working on the:

  • improvement of training quality for eJobs;
  • lobbying for the creation of European training standards for eJobs;
  • identifying e-job market needs and training gaps;
  • promotion of Job Role Profiles and Training Guidelines developed within the various projects initiated under its umbrella.

The e-Jobs Observatory is supported by an international network of Industry and training organizations.




Avenue de l’indépendance Belge 58
1081 Bruxelles
Tel : +32 2 412 04 10 (gestion projet – comptabilité)
Tel: +32 2 412 04 11 (gestion projet – commercial)
Tel: +32 2 412 04 12 (secrétariat)
Fax : +32 2 412 04 19
Gsm : +32 485 212 722
Email :

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