Training Implementing a Private Cloud Solution – 4 days

Training-brussels - business training center in Brussels

Class overview :

As organizations evaluate cloud computing technologies, many are unwilling to trust the public cloud with their sensitive data. Creating a private cloud solution can allow your organization to exploit the benefits of cloud technologies within its data centers.

Class goals :

  • Build dedicated and hosted private cloud solutions to optimize IT service delivery
  • Assess private cloud computing options to solve business problems
  • Leverage open source and proprietary private cloud products
  • Manage and monitor your cloud infrastructure to improve resource utilization
  • Secure key components of your private cloud implementation
  • Integrate your private cloud with a public cloud to create a hybrid cloud solution

Content of Implementing a Private Cloud Solution

Introduction to Private Cloud Computing

  • Defining private cloud computing models
  • Specifying architectural components
  • Comparing SaaS, PaaS and IaaS service models
  • Leveraging a virtualized infrastructure
  • Identifying cloud market players

Solving IT Challenges with Cloud Technologies

Applying the benefits of…

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